Protein Shaker

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Unlock your full potential with our sleek 400ml capacity shaker, designed to fuel your fitness journey and blend in your Protein Fruit Fusion with ease!

Crafted with care, our BPA-free shaker guarantees a safe and eco-friendly workout companion, while the leak-proof lid ensures mess-free mixing.

Say goodbye to hassle, and hello to convenience with our dishwasher-safe shaker - the ultimate fitness partner for every active lifestyle!

Shake things up today!

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Ong
Great quality and taste

Price to protein ratio I think may be a bit steep but I think it’s worth a try. Definitely a break from the usual milky thick protein. Support local!

Great Taste!

This is my first time trying Clear Strength protein and it does provide that tasteful taste of mango to it. Different from the known protein supplement out there this is worth the try.

Colin Gomez
Personal Opinion: 3.5 stars

There is only one thing I don't really like is that the Stevia taste is quite strong. It is just a personal preference. No complaints other than that. I think you've got a good product on your hands.