Top juiciest questions asked by the public. 

Protein Fruit Fusion is not your standard protein shake! It's a refreshing, 'juice-like' protein powder packed with 20g of whey protein isolate, easily absorbable by your body, and 99% lactose-free. Say goodbye to heavy, milky shakes and hello to a fruity delight!

Whey protein isolate undergoes an extra filtration process, removing more fats and lactose compared to whey protein concentrate. As a result, whey protein isolate is a purer form of protein, ideal for those with lactose intolerance and seeking lower carbs and fats.

We really care about where we get our ingredients from. We make sure to choose suppliers that are halal-certified. Even though we're still in the process of getting our official halal certification, you can trust that we're fully committed to providing halal products.

Absolutely! Protein Fruit Fusion contains whey protein isolate derived from milk, making it suitable for vegetarians who include dairy in their diet.

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before using any new supplements, especially during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Yes! Protein Fruit Fusion is virtually lactose-free, making it a great option for those with lactose intolerance.